Unscented Shaving Soap - Vegan

Miel Botanicals

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For anyone who is sensitive to essential oils or who just likes unscented products, this new natural Shaving Soap is perfect. 

Handmade in small batches here in the beautiful Scottish countryside, we blend skin-loving oils and butters (all vegan and plant-based, and NO palm oil ever) to create a soap that not only gives you a really smooth and gentle shave, but also cares for your skin without drying it out. Leave the lid off your soap tin between uses and this shaving soap will last for many months.

Zero Waste shaving is becoming more and more popular with men and women (see my blog on zero waste shaving for women here) and it is a very pleasing ritual which is miles away from the unrecyclable aerosols of chemical-laden foams, brittle plastic razors (over a billion of which are dumped in landfill and oceans every single year) and overpriced blades. 

Complete your traditional shaving experience with a beautiful forever razor (only the blades need changed and these are fully recyclable and cost pennies) and our Vegan Shaving Brush. Both of these items, with proper care, will last for decades x

Minimum 85 gram soap in reusable aluminium tin - great for travel and for using to froth up your shaving soap!

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