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Prosecco Facial Bar

Miel Botanicals

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Prosecco Facial Bar - Miel Botanicals

Prosecco & Rose Facial Bar is a luxurious and naturally moisturising facial soap bar. Made with skin-loving oils selected for their gentle moisture-boosting properties, these oils are gently infused with organic rose petals before being made into this beautiful vegan soap.

French rose clay is added to make a smooth, silky soap which gently cleanses skin of impurities. Rose geranium essential oil Ideal for sensitive skin, or any face in need of a luxurious moisture boost.

Rose geranium essential oil is added not only to give a soft natural scent, but because this essential oil is reputed to have anti-ageing, skin-tightening properties and is a particularly helpful essential oil for skin prone to dry patches.

An indulgent treat for skin, this is a whole new way to enjoy Prosecco!

Each 90 gram bar is handmade in Scotland, using only natural ingredients. 100% vegan

Palm oil free
Vegan and cruelty free

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