Craft Beer Shave Soap

Miel Botanicals

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Craft Beer Shave Soap - Miel Botanicals
A luxurious traditional shaving soap made with skin-loving oils and Scottish craft beer.

Our shaving soaps are at least 6 weeks in the making. It takes two weeks to infuse the natural oils with organic bay leaves. These are combined with artisan craft beer from our local Scottish microbrewery, soothing shea butter, kaolin clay and essential oils of clary sage and lime for a very subtle, fresh, herby scent. The soaps then cure for a minimum of four weeks, resulting in a milder, firmer soap which lasts for ages.

The oils and butters have been carefully chosen for their skincare properties. If you are prone to shaving rash or reddened skin after shaving, this is the soap for you!

Presented in a re-usable tin. Use a shaving brush for a silky, soothing lather.

Minimum weight of soap: 85 grams

Free from: animal products, palm oil, synthetic ingredients or any chemical nasties. This is 100% natural soap.

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