Goat Milk, Honey & Oat Soap

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Goat Milk, Honey & Oat Soap - Miel Botanicals
This is an absolute dream combination of ingredients if you have sensitive skin, or suffer from rosacea, eczema, psoraisis or have irritated or fragile skin. A gorgeous goat milk and oatmeal soap gently infused with raw Scottish honey brings all the benefits of these natural elements together.

Colloidal oatmeal is very finely ground oats and is mildly exfoliating as well as being anti-inflammatory, moisturising and incredibly gentle and soothing on itchy or inflamed skin.

Goat milk is rich in minerals and natural AHAs, and (unlike most other milks) has a ph very close to that of human skin, meaning that it is a harmonious gentle skin-cleanser and natural moisturiser.

Raw honey is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Minimum weight: 90 grams per bar.

Handmade in East Lothian, Scotland in small batches, pure, mineral-rich goat milk is blended with skin-loving oils, gently infused with soothing colloidal oatmeal and nourishing honey to create a gentle, mildly exfoliating soap ideal for sensitive skin.

Nothing is rushed. Our soap is cured for a minimum of 4 - 6 weeks. This long curing time results in a milder, firmer and longer lasting soap bar. A touch of beeswax and honey from our own happy little beehives add the finishing touch to this soap.

Ingredients: olive oil, goat milk, coconut oil, castor oil, colloidal oatmeal, beeswax and honey.

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