Shaving Brush

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Shaving Brush

We spent over a year searching for the ideal shaving brush and here it is! Its soft, synthetic bristles look and feel like the traditional Badger Silvertip shaving brushes, but is cruelty-free, dries easily and is suitable for vegans. This handmade brush has a real wooden handle for a smooth, comfortable grip. Ideal for use with our shaving soap to get a good, silky lather.

A great shaving brush is a good investment for your skin, and with careful use, it will last for many, many years.

To use: Wet your shaving brush in warm water. Shake off excess water. Swirl the bristles in a circular motion on your shaving soap to create a good lather. Apply the lather to skin in a circular movement, to gently lift the hair for shaving. 

After shaving, rinse your brush in warm water, tap off excess water and allow to air dry. 

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